Green light for wineries by Angus Hughson, Herald Sun

With so much talk these days of sustainability, organic produce and other ecologically friendly practices, it really comes as no surprise to see wine producers taking a greener approach. In fact, as the health of the environment has a clear effect on wine quality, many producers have for some time been making changes in their day-to-day running of vineyards and wineries. The best news for us is that the result is often better wines…Elgo Estate, in Victoria’s Strathbogie ranges, have a variety of measures to make their winery more sustainable including a wind turbine, generating renewable clean energy, significant water recycling, as well as large-scale tree-planting on the property…Bravo…and may the greening of our vineyards continue. Here’s a range (of wines) from producers at the forefront of a greener wine industry. Allira Shiraz 2006 $12. From the emerging Strathbogie region of Victoria this wine is a smart example of cool climate shiraz. With dark fruits and a spicy, meaty edge, it is made for a well-cooked steak.

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