strathbogie region

Strathbogie Ranges annual rainfall: 804mm
Mean January temp: 19.2°C

Situated in the central Victorian High Country, the region has a cool climate and a long, cool growing season. The wines reflect the climate and are crisp, fresh and deliciously aromatic.

The Strathbogie Ranges Wine Region is relatively new, obtaining official recognition (GI) in 2001, although the first plantings in the region took place in 1975. Mount Helen vineyard, then owned by Dr. Peter Tisdall of Tisdall Wines, were the first to establish vineyards in the Strathbogie Ranges. Their first crush in 1979 saw immediate success with a gold medal at Royal Adelaide Wine Show being awarded to the Riesling and the Cabernet Sauvignon winning the Stoddard Trophy at the Brisbane Wine Show. At present there are approximately 1500 hectares of vineyard in the Strathbogie Ranges Wine Region, supplying a number of local wineries as well as the large multinational wine companies.

Rising up from the surrounding landscape, the Strathbogie Ranges possess a distinct character. The granite-strewn hills and valleys are shared by the native Australian wildlife, grazing properties, stands of eucalyptus trees and rolling vineyards. Warm, dry autumn days followed by cool, crisp nights are a feature of this area, ripening fruit that exhibits vibrant varietal character, rich flavours and freshness. The vineyards range from 150m to 650m in altitude and soil types vary widely throughout the region. These factors result in a diversity of styles.

The Elgo Estate Vineyards are situated at around 500m altitude in the Upton region of the Strathbogie Ranges of Central Victoria. Enjoying views over all the surrounding countryside, the vineyards are located approximately 125km North East of Melbourne.



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  • The Avenel Maze, Upton Rd, Avenel. Telephone 03 5796 2667
  • Avenel Farmers Market, Jubilee Park, Avenel. Held every 2nd Sunday each month.
  • Violet Town Market, Recreation Reserve, Tulip Street, Violet Town. Held every 2nd Saturday each month.
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